Photograph Essay

Photos of one’s vacation are always a touching sight that revives the memories fun and enjoyment. The picture I am looking at includes myself, my husband and my daughter as we are sitting in the dining room on a seven-day cruise of the Western Caribbean. The cruise was real fun, and we all love looking at the pictures taken in those seven days to remind us that life is not all work and study.

The cruise was a rare pleasure as we both were able to make it with my husband and bring our daughter with us. Those days took us out of the worries and routines of our normal lives and put in a very relaxed state of mind. It was as if our usual world was left a long way behind, and we ventured outside of our usual experiences, into sunshine and joy. This mood is evident in our faces, relaxed and oblivious to everyday routines and worries.

For my daughter, the trip was a splendid adventure as she received a wealth of new experiences and insights. In the photo, she seems very enthusiastic to take in new things on her first in life sea cruise. When I look at her image there, I remember how grown she has since that time and hope that she will have many more moments like this not necessarily to share with her parents. Perhaps one day, I will have a similar picture to look at with my daughter in the role of a mother of the family on a vacation trip.

Storing images of the good moments is a great idea because it allows one to re-live the happiness and joy experienced at one point in the past. The cruise was a very happy time for us, and this is reflected in our relaxed postures and radiant smiles. I often look at this picture because it brings some additional joy and sunshine into my life and inspires me to bring this attitude into my daily occupations.

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