Using Your Unique Voice to Write a Screenplay

Thank you so much for visiting us here at How to Write a Screenplay-AID. This is a website that is dedicated to the craft of screenwriting, with an emphasis on Affirming, Inspiring and Developing you, the writer.

The Prologue is filled with articles, essays “the eye symbolism in the tell tale heart”, information and suggestions on a wide range of topics that lay the foundation to write a screenplay. The entries can be read in any order, wherever the muse leads you. They are designed to give you a strong springboard of information that prepares you to go on to write your screenplay.

Act I is a collection of pre-writing lessons. These are lessons and exercises designed to introduce and fine-tune concepts and writing skills prior to the actual writing of your screenplay. Each lesson is intended to introduce, strengthen and re-enforce skills that are instrumental in the writing of a screenplay. These lessons are meant to be completed in the order that they are presented.

Act II is a directed, on-line screenwriting course that is intended to lead you from your premise or concept to the completed first draft of your own, original screenplay. While these exercises are meant to be completed in the order that they are presented, you can spend as little or as much time on each section of the course as you would like. The concepts, techniques and strategies that are presented in Act I will be relied upon and utilized in the completion of your first draft in Act II.

Many of these lessons are meant to be completed and then forwarded to us, where they will be evaluated and then returned with comments, suggestions and insights that will lead you to produce your best possible first draft. In essence, you will have your own personal instructor/coach leading you, step by step, through the writing of your screenplay.

While the Act I lessons are presented at no charge, the Act II course can be accessed by paying the appropriate fee.

Act III content focuses on post-first draft considerations. Re-writing, editing, fine tuning and packaging subsequent drafts are some of the primary focuses of Act III.

Lastly, the Epilogue will focus on primarily one question: Now that I�ve completed my screenplay, what do I do with it? It will focus on strategies to get your screenplay into the right hands to have it produced.

My hope is that this web site will be instrumental in your growth as a writer and a great benefit in helping you to achieve your screenwriting goals.

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